25 Wedding Cake Fillings

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Wedding cake fillings are what ties the cake flavors together.

The outer layer of the cake is icing, and the cake itself is the sponge part of the cake.

The cake filling is what brings the cake together by filling in between the layers of cake. The cake filling should compliment the flavors of the outer layer of icing, and the sponge cake.

You can choose to add a little bit more flavor to your wedding cake through selecting a fruit, coffee, or chocolate cake filling. This adds a hint of flavor to your cake, and will be the perfect way to finish off you wedding day.

Typically you can taste test your cake fillings, cake icings, and cake from your wedding cake baker to make sure you’re making the best choice for your wedding day.

What is a cake filling

A cake filling is the part of the cake that fills in between the layers of cake.

Fillings can be made of buttercream, pastry cream, mousse, jam, or whipped cream.

What is the best filling to be added into a cake

The best filling to be added into a cake is vanilla custard. Vanilla custard is one of the most popular, rich cake fillings

Wedding Cake Fillings

Wedding Cake Filling Ideas

  • vanilla custard
  • bailey’s mousse
  • hazelnut mousse
  • white chocolate mousse
  • cream cheese icing
  • white chocolate ganache
  • dulche de leche pastry cream
  • mascarpone filling
  • banana cream filling

Buttercream cake filling

  • cookies and cream buttercream icing
  • pistachio buttercream
  • cookie dough buttercream

Lemon cake fillings

  • lemon pastry cream
  • lemon curd
  • lemon mousse

Strawberry cake fillings

  • strawberry buttercream
  • strawberry curd
  • strawberry mousse

Chocolate cake fillings

  • chocolate pastry cream
  • chocolate mousse
  • chocolate hazelnut buttercream icing

Raspberry cake fillings

  • raspberry buttercream
  • raspberry mousse

Coffee cake fillings

  • coffee pastry cream
  • espresso buttercream

23 Wedding Cupcake Flavors

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The theme of the wedding should be taken into account when selecting your wedding cupcake flavors.

Keep in mind that cupcake icings can sometimes be colored to match your wedding colors. Chocolate, or fruit flavored icings usually need be kept their color, but most other flavors can be changed to match your wedding theme.

Wedding Cupcake Flavors

How many cupcake flavors do you need for a wedding

You’ll want to select a minimum of 2 different wedding cupcake flavors to appeal to the majority of your guests for your wedding.

If you’re selecting a champagne or moscato flavor, try picking a non-alcoholic flavor for your other guests that may want something else.

How many cupcakes do you need for a wedding

You’ll need a minimum of 1 cupcake per person, but allow for at least 1-2 cupcakes per person. Some guests will eat 3 cupcakes, but some will not eat any. This will give you enough cupcakes for your wedding by allowing for 1-2 cupcakes per guest.

Make sure to bring an airtight container to your wedding for any leftover cupcakes you have at the end of the night. You can freeze them and eat them after you come back from your honeymoon.

What are the most popular wedding cupcake flavors

The most popular, classic wedding cupcake flavors are vanilla, red velvet, and chocolate.

23 Wedding Cupcake Flavor Ideas

  1. salted caramel drizzled vanilla cupcakes
  2. cream cheese icing topped red velvet cupcakes
  3. caramel bourbon topped vanilla cupcakes
  4. chocolate icing topped chocolate cupcakes
  5. lemon cupcakes topped with lemon buttercream icing
  6. chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream icing
  7. vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla bean buttercream icing
  8. vanilla cupcakes topped with champagne buttercream icing
  9. vanilla cupcakes topped with strawberry puree infused cream cheese icing
  10. chocolate cupcakes topped with raspberry infused buttercream icing
  11. dulce de leche cupcakes
  12. chocolate cupcakes with caramel frosting
  13. pina colada cupcakes
  14. cherry almond cupcakes
  15. pecan pie cupcakes
  16. coconut cream pie cupcakes
  17. lemon raspberry cupcakes
  18. blackberry lavender buttercream icing topped chocolate cupcakes
  19. moscato infused buttercream icing topped vanilla cupcakes
  20. strawberry lemon cupcakes
  21. lemon poppy seed cupcakes topped with raspberry buttercream icing
  22. chai cupcakes
  23. vanilla hazelnut cupcakes

How far in advance can you make cupcakes for a wedding

Cupcakes are best the same day they are made. Therefore, you should be picking up your cupcakes the same day as your wedding, or the day before. Cupcakes age very quickly, and can become dense or tough to eat the longer they sit. If you do pick up your cupcakes the day before, place them in the fridge overnight. This will slow the aging process of your wedding cupcakes.

wedding cupcake flavor ideas