Outdoor Party Ideas for Adults

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Outdoor parties are a go to nowadays, and are perfect for the summertime.

Outdoor parties are much more fun anyways because you can do so many more things like have a water gun fight!!

Parties being held outside don’t need a ton of decorations, just a few pops of color and a few signs to make it extra special.

Keep in mind the space your working with when selecting decorations. If you have tree branches, fence posts to work with, these will work well for hanging lights and lanterns. If you’re more limited with hanging decorations outside for your party, consider having a few floral bouquets and a banner instead.

Outdoor Party Ideas for Adults

Outdoor party entertainment ideas for adults

Bubble soccer

Bubble soccer is when each party attendee runs around in a giant inflatable ball. You pass the ball and try to score just like playing soccer, but this time you may have people that try to knock you over to get the ball. This sport can be dangerous, so be aware that injuries may occur.

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Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is the fun of Jenga that you had as a kid, but this time it’s over 4 feet tall when you build it. It’s much more terrifying when the Jenga is almost as tall as you, and has the risk of falling.

Squirt Guns

Squirt guns are a fun game to play in the backyard on a hot summer’s day. The one who ends up the driest wins! Make sure to remind your guests to bring a change of clothes before partaking!

Bocce Ball

Get as close to the marker as possible by rolling the heavy balls like bowling on grass. It’s much more difficult than it sounds, especially if the ground isn’t flat! The more balls that are closer to the marker is the winner of the game!


Croquet is played by setting up small wire checkpoints in the grass. A hand held mallet is held and is used to hit a heavy ball through the wire checkpoints. You can purposefully knock your opponents ball far from the wickets if you wish to which just adds to the fun.


Even if you don’t have a net to put up, playing badminton in the backyard is a ton of fun and a good workout!

Outdoor Party Ideas for Adults

Outdoor party decoration ideas for adults


Paper lanterns look beautiful hanging on tree branches for an outdoor party. You could also hang them on the fence posts.

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Fairy Lights

Fairy lights look beautiful in the backyard at an outdoor party in the evening. It will give the outdoor party mood lighting and make it have a romantic feel to it.

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Glow Lights

Glow lights are inflatable and can be tossed around in a pool. They glow 1 light color at a time, and can be changed into any other color to make it fit the theme of your party. Glow lights look beautiful in the evening outside to give your party a bit of a color pop.

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Palm Tree Cooler

You can get an inflatable palm tree cooler for your outdoor party that will act as a decoration and as a drink holder. Fill the bottom of the palm tree with ice, then top with your favorite beverages to make them stay cold.

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Outdoor party decoration ideas for adults

Outdoor birthday party decoration ideas for adults

Happy Birthday Sign

Happy Birthday sign’s are colorful way to add a bit of decoration to your party. You can even make your own signs using poster board and markers.

Balloon Arch

Put together your own balloon arch for a beautiful decoration to add to your outdoor birthday party.

Birthday Gnome Signs

You can place Happy Birthday Gnome signs in your yard. There’s a couple different styles including one gnome with a cake, a sign, gifts, or balloons.


Add a couple of fresh bouquets of flowers around your outdoor party on tables or side tables to give the party more of a touch of color. The guest of honor can also take them home as a gift at the end of the night.

Outdoor birthday party decoration ideas for adults

90th Birthday Ideas for Grandma

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We recently celebrated my grandma’s 90th birthday party and it was a ton of fun for everyone!

We went with the backyard BBQ, and had a ton of different tables with flowers on each of them.

There were signs posted in the backyard from the great grandchildren wishing her a “Happy 90th Birthday”. We had a couple of sets of “90” balloons around the yard.

Her most cherished part of the night was reading the thoughtful cards and messages our family had written to her. We reminded her of everything she had taught us over the years, and how much she has meant to us in our life.

Most of us wouldn’t be the person we are today without our grandmother’s.

We have so much to be grateful for on a day celebrating a family member’s 90th birthday.

Make them feel as special as possible on this huge milestone of a birthday.

90th Birthday Party Ideas

For 90th birthday’s you’ll want to plan the party with lots of signs, balloons and flowers where you’re having the birthday party. Plan for enough tables and wall space for all of your decorations prior to deciding where you want to have your birthday party.

  • backyard BBQ
  • afternoon high tea
  • brunch with mimosas
  • lunch at a golf course
  • lunch at a restaurant on a mountain
  • lunch by the ocean or by a lake
  • take them out to the movies with popcorn
  • ice cream by the ocean
  • picnic in the park
90th birthday ideas for grandma

90th Birthday Decoration Ideas

90th Birthday Decoration Ideas

What should you get your grandma for her 90th birthday

For a 90th birthday, you’ll want to go for an “experience” gift, over an actual tangible gift. If you’re still wanting to give your grandma a gift for her 90th birthday, try getting a picture of you and her framed. She’ll love the thought you put into it, and she can add something beautiful to her wall to look at each day.

90th birthday gift ideas for grandma

Most grandmothers do not need any gifts from their family members. But you still want to make sure they feel special on their 90th birthday. Here are a couple of our ideas for what to get your grandmother on her 90th birthday.

  • framed picture
  • flowers
  • her favorite chocolates
  • her favorite candies
  • gift card to a restaurant she loves
  • pedicure
  • manicure
  • facial
  • high tea for you and her
90th birthday gift ideas for grandma